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Low Risk Merchant Industries

Low risk industries get the lowest 0.9% rate and include Discount Stores, Apparel Retailers, Education Institutes, Digital Goods, Media, Books, Movies, Restaurants, Health and Fitness, Advertising Agencies, and Skills Gaming (No Payouts).


Medium Risk Merchant Industries

Medium risk merchant industries benefit from a 1.9% rate and include Online Search Engines, Charities and Donations, Apparel Retailers, Rentals, Dating/Escort Services, Beauty Products Providers, Direct Marketing, Gift Certificates, and Call Centers.


High Risk Merchant Industries

High risk merchant industries receive extremely competitive rates from 2.9 - 4.5% and include Medical Offices, Hotels, Insurance Services, Warranty Services, Betting & Casino Gambling, Gaming (w/ Payouts), and Online Dating (with Recurring Transactions).

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