Leaders In Cryptocurrency Engineering

We are a FinTech company and we make all our products in-house in a secure environment to ensure we stay ahead of the curve in every way.

Bringing Value To the Table

The Clic Technology leadership is comprised of industry experts who have excelled in their fields, have a strong background in a wide variety of disciplines and bring years of experience to the table.

Roman Bond


Shayne McCulloch


Yosef Biton

Chairman of the Board

Jonathan Leinwand

Legal Counsel

Adam Mizrahi

Marketing Coordinator

Rodrigo Gimenez

Creative Director

Johan Dominguez

Multimedia Manager

Daniel Diaz

UX/UI Designer

A World View with a Global Reach

We leveraged a global network of industry professionals comprised of many disciplines and with a common vision.

The Proof is in the Results

Built upon collaboration and shared experience, the Clic Technology team brings together the best and brightest in the industry to deliver cutting-edge solutions for seamless global transactions. The results continue to speak for themselves.

Zero Volatility

Our developed complex of monitoring and automation services guarantees zero volatility of cryptocurrencies. CLIC is a trustworthy product offered by an experienced and licensed payment facilitator.

Get To Know Our Products

CLIC has assembled a lineup of innovative solutions to the digital payment dilemma.

Merchant Gateway

Bill customers or simply accept cryptocurrency payments with CLIC's fully integrated, global platform.

Point of Sale

The CLIC Point of Sale app can be accessed from any internet enabled device so you can sell anywhere.

ClicPay Exchange

ClicPay Exchange enables you to accept crypto payments at direct currency exchange rates.


Instant and safe wire transfers. Online money management in over 55 currencies and countries.