An International Fintech Company with a Global Reach

We are a team of crypto and financial professionals that build innovative and proprietary blockchain solutions enabling convenient and safe transactions for conducting business across the globe.

Clic Technology is Positioned to Help You Profit from Crypto

We built a set of tools to convert cryptocurrencies to dollars so businesses can start tapping into the $200 Billion in crypto funds just waiting to be spent. We are dedicated to building elegant solutions focused on normalizing cryptocurrency payments, crypto wallet, crypto mining and other cryptocurrency endeavors.

Proprietary Algorithms and Code That Sets Us Apart

We are a fintech company and all of our products are developed from the ground up and in house by the Clic Technology developers. PCI-DSS Level 1 certified guarantees customers’ data safety and the highest level of security for payments.

First-to-Market Blockchain Solutions

We are among the first publicly traded companies to market blockchain products built for the future of global commerce. Our proprietary technology lets buyers spend their bitcoins and altcoins. Merchants can also turn cryptocurrency into cash. We are positioned to be the first fintech player to present the solution the market needs.

Decrypting Cryptocurrencies

We offer innovative blockchain solutions that allow merchants to accept bitcoins and altcoins as if they were dollars or yens. Users can make payments using cryptocurrencies without going through a bank and with fewer fees and expenses. Welcome to the future.

Serious Software Solutions

Crypto wallets. Advanced mining rigs and algorithms. Credit card payments for cryptocurrencies. Wire transfers for cryptocurrencies. We create services to bank on.

Filling the Cryptocurrency Gap

People are seeking new ways to transact globally safely and without restrictions and are looking at cryptocurrencies as the solution. Cryptocurrencies bring the distinct advantage of protecting against the loss of funds due to exchange rates and can open merchants up to an entire new segment of customers.

The Solution Is Our Opportunity

Using cryptocurrencies to buy online is still virtually impossible. Users need to link their crypto wallets to their bank accounts before buying anything. Clic Technology makes payments easier, faster and more sophisticated across growing networks of connections with proprietary technology that turns crypto into cash.