Crypto complexities made simple

Posted on March 12, 2019

Nowadays most people are familiar with some form of Cryptocurrency.  They may not own any just yet but the market that started out as a niche industry mainly luring in people from tech and investment savvy backgrounds has developed so much that it has entered the minds and vocabularies of all manner of people from teenagers looking to make some fast cash right through to amateur investors and retirees wanting to consider all of the investment opportunities available to them.   

Cryptocurrency has captivated an audience among both those who already understand it as well as those who will now seek to understand It's capabilities as the momentum continues.

As demand for cryptocurrency grows global regulators will endeavour to govern the processes by which it is exchanged while business owners are looking for an appropriate merchant solution to integrate and implement cryptocurrency as a payment option to maintain and grow their revenue.

At current, the lack of compatible channels for merchant’s to process cryptocurrencies at point of sale and online retailers means that in order to make use of cryptocurrency consumers need to exchange it into local currency to make everyday purchases – this process is proving less than desirable and will demand change as crypto becomes a more common form of payment.  

A number of companies have already implemented various means to accept cryptocurrency as payment but the complexities involved mean they are still not creating a seamless transaction that the current crypto climate is screaming for.  The methods currently available are seemingly incomplete, holding funds over time and creating vulnerabilities within the transaction due to currency fluctuations between the time of transaction and the time of settlement. These vulnerabilities are significant enough to discourage business owners from embracing crypto payments and create a usability block that is inhibiting progress.

Clic Technology is looking to change the way we process crypto and create an environment that eliminates the above-mentioned vulnerabilities with instant transactions and surpass the usability block encountered by other means of transaction making crypto as accessible to use as conventional payment methods with lower fees and no confirmation delays.  

In addition to ensuring that the right amount of fiat ends up in everyone’s wallet regardless of what happens to the price of any particular cryptocurrency beyond the time of exchange and providing a seamless transaction that is risk free, merchants will also benefit from the complete elimination of chargebacks and their associated fees as the underlying technology for crypto doesn’t permit chargebacks in the way that credit cards do.