Unblocking Blockchain

There is more than $200B in cryptocurrencies sitting in crypto wallets around the globe and a huge network of e-commerce websites lacking the technology to accept them. We built a set of tools to convert crypto to dollars so businesses can access the untapped billions just waiting to be spent.

The Solution is Our Opportunity

Using cryptocurrencies to buy online is still virtually impossible. Users need to link their crypto wallets to their bank accounts before buying anything. Clic Technology makes payments easier, faster and more sophisticated across growing networks of connections with proprietary technology that turns crypto into cash.

Filling the Cryptocurrency Gap

People are seeking new ways to transact globally safely and without restrictions and are looking at cryptocurrencies as the solution. Cryptocurrencies bring the distinct advantage of protecting against the loss of funds due to exchange rates and can open merchants up to an entire new segment of customers.

Normalizing Cryptocurrencies

Businesses and consumers are seeking new ways to transact globally without restrictions. Technology and security has caught up and the future of world currencies will be digital. Our goal is to normalize cryptocurrencies to the point where accepting a bitcoin or altcoin is as common as taking in dollars or yen.

Proprietary Technology, Algorithms and Custom API

Clic Technology’s custom API works on any website, allowing easy use with a large number of different cryptocurrencies. We also have pre-built APIs for e-commerce sites such as Shopify, Open Cart and WooCommerce. Our proprietary algorithms and code keep us on the cutting-edge of this ever-evolving industry.

An Opportunity as Big as the Market

We are at the very beginning of an economic revolution and Clic Technology will play a fundamental role in how the future of cryptocurrencies take shape.