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Crypto Payment Gateway

We do believe cryptocurrencies and e-commerce were made for each other. is a unique payment gateway that is aimed to help integrate crypto-payments into all sorts of platforms on the web. Our specifically designed system for merchants offers the same familiar processing scheme for e-merchants with automated fiat exchange for settlements. Everything on is arranged to facilitate safety, convenience, speed and ease of the operations for a merchant and a client. Due to Multimodal Biometrics Service the processes of verification and identification can be done privately and securely, with no annoying passwords and CAPTCHAs. Our developed complex of monitoring and automation services guarantees zero volatility of cryptocurrencies. is a trustworthy product offered by an experienced and licensed Payment Facilitator.

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Next Generation Multi Mining, the first public pool in the world, offers miners a wide range of coins which number is constantly being expanded, low commission, no transaction fees, anonymity and high speed of financial operations. It has the lowest payout threshold, full-dimension protection, bonuses and round-the-clock support. Ucrypto in house developed Automated Multi Mining algorithm takes mining to the next level and increases mining profitability by 15%.

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What makes us unique among others


We offer PCI DSS level 1 certified payment gateway software, with licensed payment solutions products in EU and other regions. Our customers get high-quality easy-to-use secure payment solutions with live support and public transparency.


We’re FinTech company, all our products made in house in a secure environment. Support team always have access to our Development department to help resolve any technical issues. Our software is always improving, we’re constantly integrating new technologies, bringing the most value to our customers and their clients.


We have a great experience in financial industry, and we help our customers to save time, save money and positively progress the way their business gets done. We will help you with advice and optimization counsel on payments business processes specific to your market and industry.

blockchain offers easy integration and takes the hassle out of accepting cryptocurrency. Full Digital Currency Exchange Conversion to Euro for settlements into a client’s nominated account.


Most Advanced solutions for anti-fraud with bank cards. PCI-DSS Level 1 certified guarantees your customers data security and highest level of security for payments.


Our Risk, Compliance and Support(English, Spanish, Russian) teams work 24/7 to help our clients.


We proud to present our team. Each member of it works to improve our products and services.

Road Map


  • US PSP operations Start
  • US PSP operations Start


  • Israel Financial Institution license
  • Launch of Authored Wire Processing Solution and Software



  • Launch / payment gateways
  • Launch of Authored Credit Card processing Solution
  • EU Financial Institution License Application
  • Launch Authored Payment Solution SaaS Credit card / Wire processing
  • Launch Mining Operations
  • Launch Multi-mining Pool Cluster



  • Launch Crypto / Fiat Payment gateway solution
  • Launch Crypto / Fiat Digital Assets Management Platform (DAMP)
  • Visa/MasterCard Payment Facilitator License granted
  • Launch of Authored Crypto Processing Solution
  • ICO Blockchain based Savings / Depositarium Solution
  • Token Sale / IСO
  • Launch Money 2.0 ICO (blockchain to support depository e-money services)
  • Launch DAMP Money 2.0 Token
  • Development / Expansion of DAMP ecosystem



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Corporate office

1815 NE 144 Street, North Miami, Florida 33181, United States of America
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Brisbane, QLD Australia
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Development, Marketing, Sales, Compliance, Support

69/5 Moskovska Street, Mykolaiv 54000, Ukraine
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Blockchain development

37 Varkaus Naberezhnaya, Petrozavodsk 185031, Russia

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