A Visionary Global Fintech Company

Clic Technology Inc. provides next generation digital payment processing and blockchain solutions with products like iSwipe, the revolutionary crypto payment gateway. 

$200 Billion in Opportunities Waiting to be Unchained

There is more than $200B in cryptocurrencies sitting in crypto wallets around the globe and a network of e-commerce websites lacking the technology to accept crypto payments.

iSwipe, the World's Most Versatile Blockchain Payment Platform

iSwipe is a brand new blockchain payment platform that we specifically developed to simplify cryptocurrencies payment flow between buyers and sellers, and to be easily integrated using APIs to accept payments on any existing website.

Publicly Traded - OTC:CLCI

Clic Technology is a rapidly growing, publicly traded, Fintech company with a global reach. With a solid reputation for solving current digital money asset management issues, Clic Technology is focused on delivering long-term investor growth.

An Untapped Market Worth Hundreds of Billions of Dollars

The adoption of cryptocurrencies is growing exponentially. If you are not preparing to tap into this rapidly growing market, you are simply ignoring technology’s next wave.

Our Advantages are Proprietary

We are a team of crypto professionals that build blockchain solutions enabling convenient and safe conditions for receiving, storing, transferring and spending of your digital and physical money. Our proprietary code puts us at the forefront of the world’s fastest rising market.

Accept Blockchain Payments

iSwipe is a complete cryptocurrency payment platform that takes the hassle out of accepting bitcoins and altcoins on any ecommerce store with automated settlements in the merchants local fiat currency. 

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